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Platco Metals Inc. is a leading metal recycling company based out of Hudson, New Hampshire. Although our base is in New Hampshire, we currently operate in 8 states along the East Coast of the United States. Our main focus and driving force behind what we do is the automotive Catalytic Converter.
The converter buying industry is no longer a “junk guy” industry and boomed to big business in the first half of 2008.   Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium (the 3 precious metals contained within the converter) prices reached unprecedented levels, which magnified the value on “cats”.   It seemed everyone from Jed Clampett to Fred Sanford was intent on making millions with this modern day gold rush, the industry changed seemingly overnight. 
Well, that bubble burst in July 2008, and with it went 90% of the buyers who had entered the industry in search of riches. Only those established refineries and buyers survived and continue to thrive today!
Where does that leave Platco Metals? Although under a different company name, Platco Metals Inc. has been buying scrap catalytic converters since 2004. Our company was not created during the boom and therefore we had existing footing in place when the drop hit everyone so hard. Like a great prize fighter, we took the hit in stride and pushed forward to bigger and better things ahead. 
What makes Platco Metals different than the others is a true commitment to what we call our “core values”, Honesty, Integrity and Reliability. At the end of the day, I want you, our customer, to say “that was the most pleasant and professional experience I’ve ever had in the industry”. Plain and simple! That’s what will bring you back to us, and in the end, that’s what will make us successful. That’s what HAS made us successful.
I hope you find our website helpful and if I can help in any way, feel free to call me directly at 603-204-5572.
Thanks again,
Joshua Norse
Owner/President Platco Metals Inc.
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